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  • Veronica Giles

Are You Ready!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

My Beloved Queen SisterKeepers,

Happy New Year! My emotions are off the charts when I ponder the possibilities of “2020”.

Queens, in this time when God is bringing the reality of our status to the forefront, when He is showing us women who are broken, hurting, misunderstood, insecure, holding back, and yet mind boggling Brilliant, Compassionate, Resourceful, Resilient, Amazingly Beautiful, and Filled with So Much Unspoken Love, we have to be the Inspiration, the Listener, the Pick-Her-Upper, the Encourager, the one who is to Share God’s Love and Peace, the One Who Speaks Life! We have been chosen for such a time as this, to do our part to end this identity crisis that has been stifling the gifts that God has given each of us. God has provided us with everything we need to impact our world. For His Glory, we are being positioned and called out.

Now, There Is Work To Be Done. My question to you is...

Are You Up for the Task? Are You Really Ready to press beyond any fears and uncomfortableness to get to the place that we have been ordained to go? Are You Really Ready to confront some fears and perhaps personal brokenness in your own life in order to help someone else? Are you Really Ready to lay old unproductive habits aside and do something Great? Are You Really Ready to Be a Finisher? Are You Really Ready to Be ALL IN?

Believe me, I know these are some hard and serious questions, but questions that demand a serious answer. Your usual yes will no longer due, this is a YES to the Father! These are questions asked of me when I asked in prayer, what can I do to please You, Lord. Am I willing to stop procrastinating? Can I admit that I have been lazy, just doing enough to say you are doing something? (Ouch) Are you ready to take the limits you have placed on God off, ignore the desires of your flesh and obey your spirit? The enemy will come at you hard when you are tired or discouraged, but he Is the father of LIES!

Well Queens, my answer is YES! YES! YES! Because of who God Is, and because of who He says I Am, YES! This is a serious situation that we are facing, and it will take commitment, obedience, resolve, order, execution and of course continued prayer and positioning ourselves close to Our Father. Remember that our obedience is directly connected to someone’s breakthrough. We are called to be accountable at a higher level, a higher standard is being placed before us, and we Must Pray for the Courage to Confront the Demands of Today’s Reality. #PrayPlanExecute, is the mandate for SheSpeaks in 2020!!!

My prayer is that Queens all over the world will join us!



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