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About SheSpeaks

In September 2014, SheSpeaks was established in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is a 501c3 non-profit organization that focuses on women and their unique circumstances. SheSpeaks Inc. is a proud Member of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce.

Mission Statement

To Empower and Inspire Women to Engage in Trusting Relationships, Sharing Wisdom and God’s Word as it relates to Women and our Unique Circumstances.


To Encourage, Empower, Engage, Educate, Influence, and Inspire Women using God’s Word as our manual. To provide a safe place (atmosphere & environment) where Women can relax and speak to other Women, or to have a quite moment and reflect on everyday life matters. To promote trusting relationships and provide a platform for women (young and old) to pass along wisdom gained from God’s Hand in our Lives. To help Women realize that we can live a simple life of abundance even while working through our unique situations. To create an atmosphere that re-centers the focus from external distractions to self while equipping women through positive social interactions.

Our Promise to Each Other

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We Are SisterKeepers and We Will Hold Each Other in High Esteem, ALWAYS!