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  • Pastor Chaplain Dover

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

My SisterKeepers,

Today, God our Heavenly Father wants a more Personal, Dynamic Relationship with you that will Transform Your Live to the Next Level in Him. In Jeremiah 29:11, God said: “For I Know The Thoughts That I Think Toward You, Saith The Lord, Thoughts of Peace and Not of Evil, to Give You an Expected End.

God Wants to Walk with us Just as He Walked and Guided Jesus in the Earth. Today is a New Day. I hear New Beginning. We Were Created for More…. God Wants to Transform us from a Caterpillar Mind-Set of just Existing to Transforming us to a Beautiful Butterfly with a Mind-Set to Soar Upward and Beyond Our Wildest Dreams….

I know in Order to Become a Butterfly; You have to go Through the Caterpillar Stage. I’m Talking to Sisters who Think You Were Not Created to Soar; Sisters who think that All You’re Supposed to do is Crawl. (That’s The Lie of the Enemy!)

My Sisters, the Kind of Relationship I Desire With Our Father is to Know the Heart of God For My Life…

I Speak Transformation Over You Today. No More Business As Usual. I Pray That The Supernatural Will of God Will Hit Your House and Minds Like Never Before so That We Will Begin to Walk So Close With God That Our Enemies will Bow Down and Obey Christ The Lord!!!


Pastor Chaplain

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  • Pastor Chaplain Dover

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Webster’s Defines Valuable as: Priceless, Costly, Dear and Precious.

My Sisters God Cares so Much About Every Detail of our Lives. He is Concerned about what Concerns You. We Are His! (Know This!) WE ARE HIS!!!

This Month’s Word is Found in Ephesians 2:10 ~ For We are God’s Workmanship Created in Christ Jesus to do Good Works which God Prepared in Advance for us to do.

My Sisters, What a Privilege it is to be Called God’s Workmanship. A Work of Art! His Masterpiece! One of a Kind! For We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by an Awesome God.

I Looked up Another Word, “Exquisite” and there were a Couple of Meanings that Really Define Us.

  • Beautiful

  • Delicate and Extra

Can I tell You that We Are All That and More?

Don’t let the enemy tell You Anything Different.

As You go Through-out This Month, Be Reminded that You are Valuable.

God in All of His Awesomeness Created Someone Like Me.

I Hear This in the Spirit Right Now… “KNOW THAT YOU ARE WORTHY!!!”


Pastor Chaplain

July 2019

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  • Pastor Chaplain Dover

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Hello SisterKeepers!

I pray that All Is Well. There is a Word I would like to share with you for the Month of June. Psalms 66:1 says: Make a Joyful Noise unto God all ye Lands. Psalms 100:1 also says: Make a Joyful Noise unto The Lord all ye Lands.

Sisters let us Stir Up our Joy of Praise like Never Before. I Believe that in this Month of June, that there is going to be an Over-Flowing of God ‘s Joy Poured-Out on us.

I’m talking about Unspeakable Joy! This Joy that Exceeds and Surpasses our Understanding. God is about to Blow our Minds. I hear in the Spirit Right Now: “God is about to Release. I hear Someone is about to Recover what the enemy has Stolen from you. Gold is about to Make the enemy give you your Joy Back, Give your Peace Back. You are About to Recover ALL!!!

We know Ladies that when we Praise, breakthrough got to come. Sister Put on Your Garment of Praise and I dare you in the midst of the enemy ‘s attacks to make a Joyful Noise of Praise unto God!

I’m crazy enough to Believe that Heaven gets Excited on our Behalf when we Truly Praise.

Listen to me, I want to talk to Women that Truly Trust and Believe in The Word of God for Your Life! Those Who Believe what God says about you: “You are the Apple of His Eye!” You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!” You were Hand-Picked by God!” God’s Chosen Elect!

I dare you while you are Praising God to Shout out THREE TIMES; “I TRUST YOU! I TRUST YOU! I TRUST YOU” AND Stand on it and Watch Heaven move more on Your Behalf!

In the book of Acts 16:25, when Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God verse 26 says: Suddenly, which means “all at once” there was a Shaking. Can I tell you a Suddenly is about to hit your Home (right there, you ought to breakout in a Praise!) The very thing that had you bound-up, tied-up, and tripped-up, God is about to move by His Power on Your Behalf!

Make a Joyful Noise Giving God the Glory!!!


Pastor Chaplain

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