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  • Betty Standford

You Are… A Designer’s Original!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Hey Girl, Do You Realize You are A Queen, A Masterpiece Designed by Almighty God?

1John3:1NKJV ~ Behold What Manner of Love The Father Has Bestowed on us, That We Should Be Called Children of God!

Romans8:19TPT ~ The Entire Universe is Standing on Tiptoe, Yearning to See The Unveiling of God’s Glorious Sons and Daughters!

Ephesians2:10NLT ~ For We Are God’s Masterpiece. He Has Created Us Anew in Christ Jesus, So We Can Do The Good Things He Planned For Us Long Ago.

God Designed You to Be Uncommon, Special and Irreplaceable. God Has Special Plans For You and No One Else on Earth Has Been Designed to Do What You Were Created to Do. Just Be Who God Created You to Be ~ PERIOD!!!

There Will Al

ways Be Someone Who Can’t See Your Worth, Don’t Let it Be You Tho!!!

Queens We Have to Be Mindful of How We Speak to Ourselves, Because The Words We Tell Ourself Are Heard Loudly Even When Said In The Silence of Our Mind!

Psalms139:14NKJV ~ I Praise You, For I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Marvelous are Your Works, and This My Soul Knows Right Well!

Queen, You Are One of a Kind, Not Just One in A Crowd! You will Never Be Someone Else! The Impostor Syndrome is real, But You are NOT an Impostor, Yes, I’m Talking to the One Whose Reading this Blog Right Now! You Dah’lin are the Real Deal!

Romans 8:22NLT ~ We Know That The Whole Creation Has Been Groaning as in The Pains of Childbirth Right up to The Present Time… For Our TRUE SELF TO BE REVEALED!

The devil is Counting on Us to Stay in an Identity Crisis and Be Insecure About the Fact that We Were Fashioned, Chosen and Handpicked by God! Even if We don’t Believe What God Says About Us, the enemy Believes it and That’s Why the Struggle is so Fierce.

You Are The Star in Your Own Life! Some of Us May Need a Small Amount of Work, Others May Even Need Intensive Care. Let’s Allow The Holy Spirit to Reintroduce Us To Our True Authentic Self!

Psalms 139:16TPT ~ You Saw Who You Created Me to Be Before I Became Me! Before I’d Ever Seen The Light of Day, The Number of Days You Planned for Me was Already Recorded in Your Book.

I’m a Woman Continually Becoming, Learning to Appreciate my Flaws, Stop Apologizing for My Gifting and Uniqueness as A Designer’s Original. Not a Boast, Just The Truth in Jesus Name!

How Rude and Insulting it is to God to Believe the Lie of the enemy and See Ourselves as “Less Than” with God! We Were Created in The Divine Image of Almighty God!!! We Already know the Bible says In Him, Everything Lives, Moves and Have its Being!

I Have The Power of God in Me! That’s Who I Am... I Am in The Likeness of God and His Image! That’s My IAMNESS!!!

God’s Love and Acceptance of Us is Based Solely on The finished work of Jesus Christ for Us and His presence in Us.

The enemy Would Love for Me to Be Quiet on What God Has Placed Inside of Me, But Trust Me, “It’s About to get LOUUUUD and the devil is BIG MAD!

SisterKeepers, A Brand New Year is Fast Approaching, Let’s Continue to Pray, Plan, Execute; #keepittamovin with Doves Eye Focus on The Holy Spirit, Crystal Clear 2020 Vision, and dREAM Girlz…



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