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  • Queen Darrell Williams

Knowing Your Path

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Never consent to becoming a victim of the world's busy-ness and fussy pursuits. Your future is bright with opportunities to rise high above your current status. There is enormous power inside you! Do not settle for less and then later gaze about disheartened, wondering what happened to your promised breakthrough. In the washing and flushing of reckless activities, your mind can rinse itself of the sweet rain of heaven. Milk and honey flow at your ankles, but when you set your feet afar from the God you become tired, bruised, and calloused at tasks you weren't called to do. Now is the time to take hold of the opportunities God has set before you. Now is the time to expand your faith and your trust in Him. Oh! how God loves you!

God has place choices before you, laid out precious stones for your foundation, and given you wisdom as a co-partner with visions and dreams to enlarge your understanding. Can you feel God's spirit gently guiding you to remain on the path? God has prepared a path just for you. He is closer than you think, beloved. Lay aside your agenda for a moment. Quiet your mind and allow your thoughts and your many needs and worries to hush in the Presence of Perfection. Can you hear His thoughts as He speaks to you? Allow His spirit to do His job.

Remember He is the potter and you are the clay, your peace will increase in the quiet place where He is waiting for you daily. It is not the pressures in life that are so weakening dear one, it is the absence of His spirit that wearies the soul. It matters not what disorder or trouble swirls around you, God is here and your path is sure. Worldly plans will get you nowhere, but the Father's plan for your life is external and beautiful. STAY ON THE PATH.


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