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  • Veronica Giles


Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Hello Sweet SisterKeepers and Happy New Year 2019!

This is the time of year when most of us reflect on the past year and set goals for the New Year.

Reflect | re-flect | verb - To think deeply or carefully about.

Reflecting helps us review how well we have done in the previous year - or not. Reviewing our intentions, the paths that we have chosen, the friends we have made, our accomplishments and our failures, all can be a humbling experience. When we reflect on the past year, we should do so with the intent of assessing the effectiveness of our past behavior and making the necessary changes where needed. It is a time to reset. “Out With the Old, In With the New.”

1. Set new goals, perhaps create a vision board, start journaling… Dream Big! The possibilities of this year are endless. Pray and listen for God’s direction. Take a long look with your spiritual eyes, there may be doors that have already been opened that you haven’t noticed.

2. Take a look and recognize what season you are in and pray about what God would have you to give as well as learn while you are here. Once you have clarity on your what, clarify your why (please consult the Holy Spirit on this one). Don’t set limits on yourself or The Father.

3. Chart your course of success and be ready to invest the necessary time in yourself and your task. Celebrate Life this year, the small ones as well as the big ones. Prioritize what really matters, remembering to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.

This year, my goal is to implement order, create structure, and create boundaries (We will talk later about these). Our Best Life is Right In Front of Us and Our Next Is Now! Sooo, let’s get started! And remember as we journey together, life is only a reflection of what you allow yourself to see!



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