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Autumn Blessings

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Whether you call this season Fall or Autumn, or Harvest Time, it is (in my opinion) the most beautiful season of all. As the leaves turn from green to different shades of orange, yellow, and red, the kaleidoscope of colors is breath taking. The summer temperatures are settled by the Autumn breezes and it is time to pull out your cozy sweater and take a stroll in a park filled with the remarkably magnificent colors that are on display. Can you just imagine, grabbing a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and your favorite blanket or sweater and relaxing in front of a bon fire in the park or in your own backyard! My children and I would lie among the leaves and make leaf angels before raking them up, and there is something about an Autumn sunset that is quite different for summer.

Summer is a busy time for most of us, with trying to arrange family vacations, family reunions, summer park events and the like, I always feel like there is something to do! So, I exhaustingly welcome Autumn. It’s slow and easy, it’s mellow and mild. It is my time to reassess- to take more than a moment to sit and rest and listen and observe and reflect on the year that is almost over! As I observe the leaves falling, I also acknowledge and say goodbye to the flock of birds beginning their flight further south before the winter season begins. I see the flowers that were once in full bloom begin to wither or droop just a little bit more each day. The tomatoes from the garden are few and the peppers and cucumbers are just about gone. It all happens slow and easy… there is no rush, so I stop and take it all in. I am Grateful and I Appreciate the wonders of the Creator’s creations. As I close my eyes, my head spins as I take in all the wonders of the universe, it causes me to take to my knees and Thank Him! As I become overwhelmed with His presence, I begin to smell His love in the Autumn breeze, I begin to fell His Touch as a leaf touches my forehead, and I AM TRULY GRATEFUL. As I sit in His presence, my senses are overwhelmed and excited by the smells of this season… Sweet potato, pumpkin and pecan pies begin to fill the air as if I am in my grandma’s kitchen. Thanksgiving! He reminds me of Thanksgiving! Giving Thanks! I grab a pen and paper and begin to write down all the things that I am Grateful for, and as I begin page three, I realize that this could go on indefinitely. Such a freedom came over me!! And now I am prompted to stop writing and look up to the heavens and yell really loud… Thank You Lord for Blessing Me!

I pray that this writing will cause you to take more than a moment in this season to reassess, to rest, observe, to listen and most of all Give Thanks!


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