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  • Veronica Giles

Self Care ~ Self Trust

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Have you ever asked yourself…? What are you afraid of? When you feel stuck, what keeps you from moving? What keeps you from putting “Feet to Faith”? Do you give more merit to what others say about you than what God says about you? Do you believe for others, but not for yourself? Do you take Care of Yourself? Do you Trust Yourself?

That last two questions stirred in my mind for a few days. Trust and Care…

I realized that the people I trust are the same people that care about me. They take time and are patient, when I don’t understand, extend comforting words when I am hurting, they are patient and encouraging when I am slow to move. And that realization led me to the next question regarding care.

Do I care for myself? I mean really take care of myself? Do I extend grace to me? Do I offer comforting, positive words of affirmation to myself? Am I patient with me? Do I give myself a pass when I fail, or do I beat myself up with negative thoughts and words that confirm my failures? Do I encourage myself? Am I eagerly and readily able to forgive myself? Do I not trust myself because I don’t really take care of myself??? Do I take good care of my heart?

When I am slow to move forward and fear has clouded my path, when I can’t seem to make a move, or I am slow to forgive, I listen. Sometimes in a bath, sometimes sitting on the porch, often while taking a walk…I listen. I recently recorded positive words of affirmation in my own voice, and I play that recording and I listen to myself say these beautiful words to me. Because you see, hearing myself speak words of affirmation over me is far better than anyone else saying them. I must believe my own voice and hear my own voice just like I hear the voice of my Father. I must become acquainted with my voice, and not rely on the voices of others so much, I must believe what I say, before I believe what anyone else has to say over or about me. I repeat what God has said about me on the recording. Affirming words from my Father being told to me in my own voice is an extremely powerful indulgence and you owe it to yourself to try it. It may take you a few minutes to get it together and get over some awkwardness, BUT YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I have found that when I Care for Myself, I can Trust Myself… My thoughts regarding the unknown change. I may still be afraid of the unknown, but I am ready to move forward, ready to put Feet to Faith, leaving the comfortable, and familiar behind. You know the saying “Life is a Journey”, well, if you are not willing to move forward, how, and when will your journey ever begin? Caring and Trusting yourself and Reaffirming what God says about you will ready you to face the unknown and will help you slam the door in the face of fear as you leave that place of comfort and move forward on your life’s journey.

Being “strong and courageous,” as God commands us (Joshua 1:9), doesn’t require being fearless, but rather asking God for the grace to keep walking, when every next step feels terrifying or impossible.

I have found that there are so many answers to so many questions on the other side of fear.

My prayer is that Queen Sisterkeepers’ all over the globe will Begin the journey of taking good Care of Yourself, Trusting in Yourself, putting Feet to your Faith and Enjoy the Journey!



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