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  • Pastor Chaplain Dover

Only Believe!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

As I opened my Bible to the 20th Chapter of John verses 24 and-25, I see that Thomas said “unless I see the nail mark in Jesus hands and put my fingers where the nails were and put my hands into His side, I will not believe…”

In our season of dismay where we lose courage and where fear comes in, now understand me, I’m not saying that fear resides or dwells in our lives… No, because 1John 4:18 tells us that perfect love cast out fear. But like Thomas, things happen that shakes us up, that catches us off guard and we begin to doubt. Look, if it happened to Thomas, it will happen to us at some time or another.

I thank God for Thomas because Jesus shows us His love and He comes to show Himself to Thomas behind locked doors and let me prophesy to someone today; that whatever you may be facing right now, some of you may be behind a closed door spiritually and you don’t know how things are going to work out. When I’m talking about behind doors, I’m talking about a door concerning a job, or a door concerning your health, or a door concerning your children, or a door concerning your finances. I want to encourage you to know even in the midst of whatever is going on in your life, just like Jesus told Thomas, stop doubting and believe. Jesus is able to work it out and can I tell you that Jesus is your door. He is your way out.

Jesus goes on in the passage saying that blessed are those that have not seen but yet believe. Today even though you may not be able to see your breakthrough, but you just believe that because of His word, that it’s going to come to pass just for you.

I want to encourage you today my sisters to continue to hold on and trust God even in the midst of what you’re going through because He will come through for you. I don’t care what door the enemy has locked, Jesus through His Word will come behind the locked doors and He will work it out just for you.

I Love You and Be Blessed.


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