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  • Veronica Giles


Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Intentional- A mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future.

An Intention is an idea that you plan (or intend) to carry out. Your goal, purpose, or aim is your Intention. It’s something you Mean To Do (whether you pull it off or not).

God Is Intentional! He created the heavens and the earth with great Intentionality. He took His time with all of creation, including you and me! You see, God birthed each of us with a particular task, an assignment a Purpose and a Plan that Only you can do the way He Intended it to be done! The Bible says that He knew me before I was conceived in my mother’s womb. He knew me and had already determined my purpose, plan and destiny, before my parents even met! He Intentionally designed me with the purpose, plan and destiny Intended for Me! God gave me Everything I needed to fit into the space that was Intentionally designed for me. No one else can fit into that space that He created for me to fit in like I can fit in it. I Am A Designer’s Original; therefore, I dare not question why I am made this way, but, for what was I made this way. The “for what” is the key. I dare not think that I am not enough or that I am to much or that I am anything other than what God Intended me to Be! If it is not working out, I have to consider if I am doing what the Creator Created me to do!

We MUST Celebrate and Encourage each other. We must call out the gifts that we see in each other! We must stop walking on mercy and grace and Intentionally extend them both! We should Never envy or compare, but always remember that God our Father and Creator, gave us Everything we need to do what He Intentionally Planned for US to do! Consider this; I DON’T NEED IT IF HE DID’NT GIVE IT TO ME! And on the flip side of that ; Am I using what HE HAS given me! My Sisterkeeper once said to me, “What did He Tell YOU To Do”! I have never forgotten that, and it has become a constant reminder when I get off course. Because I know that I have been given everything I need, when I feel some type of way about someone else’s gift, I am reminded that if I needed that gift to do what He designed me to do, he would have given it to me!

Our greatest weapon is our Mind, Not our Mouth! (these are just my thoughts). I feel that if we could take heed and really learn to cast down thoughts that are not from God, we would not let such foolishness come out of our mouths. The words that I speak begin with my thoughts. We must be Intentional when it comes to guarding our hearts and our thoughts. We must practice casting down those thoughts that are not of God.

I close with this: Philippians 4:8

NLT- And now my dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is True, and Honorable, and Right, and Pure, and Lovely, and Admirable. Think about things that are Excellent and Worthy of Praise.



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