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  • Angela Lewins

The Courtship - "In the Garden"

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

The dew is on the grass and flowers. The grass is so green. The trees are so tall but seem so friendly. Their branches dance as the wind blows through them. The birds are singing a song of joy! The wind is so subtle and gentle… Then… He shows up and everything in the garden bows down to Him. Even the birds stop singing. His voice is so sweet and gentle. His presence brings a sweet aroma. The petals from the roses make a walkway for Him and the sunflowers put on their biggest smile! He has come to the garden for the most important thing in His life… YOU! He has come to spend quality time with you; to introduce Himself personally to you. He wants to get to know you and vice versa, He wants you to know Him. He’s so excited about being with you that His heart skips a beat just seeing your face. So, meet Him in the garden, He promises you it will be worth your time.


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