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  • Angela Lewins

The Courtship - "Dinner for Two"

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We left off last month, (September’s Blog) “In the Garden” …. Now, He wants to take you out for Dinner….

He invites you to dinner. You want to look your very best for Him. Take your time to get dressed and take your time to put on your makeup and perfume. Oh, and don’t worry about buying a new outfit, He loves that outfit you already have. (LOL) Let Him pick the time and place. He is a gentleman and He knows this is His duty. As you arrive for dinner, allow Him to seat you, because He is a perfect gentleman. You look around and notice how everything is so well planned and in its proper place. The atmosphere is so sweet, and the fragrance of the room is breath taking. You notice how He is such a gentleman in how He waits for you to say that you are ready for dinner. He pours the water first (cleansing) and as you drink it the quenching of your thirst is satisfied to the fullest. Next, He offers you appetizers…. Bites of Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness all arranged so pretty on a platter. As you partake of the appetizers, HE makes small talk by introducing Himself a little more to you. As you listen to Him you can tell that He is genuine and sincere. He flashes a smile and you are overtaken by love and joy! Next is the main course. There are 66 choices to choose from. You can’t make your mind up, which one to choose, but He assures you that either one is as tasty as the other. You finally make your mind up and choose one. He brings your dinner to you and it smells so delicious, not like anything you have ever smelled before. Your smell senses are to the highest power! You take a bite of the meal and it melts in your mouth. The taste is so sweet and delicious that you want to know the recipe (Bible). He goes through the recipe from beginning to end and you become increasingly full just by Him showing you the recipe.

You notice that as He was going over the recipe there’s another glass beside you. This glass is pure crystal and in it is the reddest wine your natural eyes have ever seen. He invites you to take a sip of it and as you do you feel so covered with grace and mercy that you become overwhelmed with tears of joy!! He brings out the dessert and though they look like little Hershey’s kisses they taste of Pure Love and Satisfaction! You ask Him how and why HE prepared this wonderful dinner for you and He pauses and smiles before HE answers. While you are waiting for an answer you notice that He hasn’t eaten a bite, but as if HE hears your thought, (why hasn’t He joined me in dinner?), He finally responds by saying, “Everything that I have served you from the water to the appetizer to the main course, and even dessert is everything I am and Everything I can be to you and for you. The water for cleansing, and the appetizers of love, peace, joy and happiness is what you can have everyday from me. The main course that melted in your mouth is my word, which will melt all the way to your heart and soul. Partaking the red wine with the main course covers you with grace and mercy so that you can digest the meal that I prepared for you. The dessert came last because it is pure. The satisfaction of the dessert is only experienced by those who have tried the first and second part of dinner. I am ALL these things; therefore, there was no need for me to partake of them. I just love being able to prepare the dinner for you!


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