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Happy Mother's Day!

The day we find out we are going to become a mom, is one of the most exciting days there is. However, within a few weeks, then months and finally years we ask ourselves…..can I really do this? We are possibly thinking, I didn’t go to the Mothers 101 Class☺. We may even think at times, I have no degree or prior experience, being a mom is for life, the salary is zero, the hours are long and non-negotiable and it comes with no paid benefits. However, within a short amount of time we find ourselves saying, YES I CAN DO THIS…..and I wouldn’t change a THING!!!!

We mom’s, whether you are a birth mom, adopted mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, godmother, spiritual mom, and the list of moms goes on and on, are in a special class all by ourselves!!! There are over 85 million of us who get to be called “mom”. I’m happy and honored to help make up this number!!

Before we became mothers, GOD laid the road map for us with some incredible examples for us to follow:

Sarah: The Mother Who Waited

Hagar: The Mother Who Endured

Rebekah: The Mother Who Believed

Leah and Rachel: The Mothers Who Had to Share

Jochebed: The Mother with a Plan

Hannah: The Mother Who Kept Her Promise

Naomi: The Mother-in-Law Who Shared Her Faith

Hannah: The Mother Who Kept Her Promise

Elizabeth: The Mother Who Believed in Miracles

Mary: The Mother Who is Blessed among Women

_________________________________________ my mom!!

You repeat a name of your choice

A mother’s loves is right from the start No matter if her children are near or far apart A mother gives never ending love Giving comfort and peace like our Heavenly Father above For us she gives nothing but her best Even when we push her love to the test A mother is forever wiping away our tears Never stop chasing away our fears She encourages us to follow our dreams No matter how far fetched they may seem Her gifts can never compare to any other Just knowing how blessed we are to call our mom “mother”. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!


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