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The Gift of Presence vs Presents...

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Gifts Given Of The Heart Is For Giving Attention, Not Requesting It!!!

The Month Of December Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

~ Merry Christmas ~

  • We Celebrate The Birth Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ! (Everyday!)

  • We Get To Experience And Demonstrate God’s Love! (Everyday!)

  • Christmas Shopping and Gift Giving!

  • Gatherings With Family And Friends!

  • Our Beloved Baby Girl Charlene Lorraine Went To Be With Jesus!

  • My Birth~Day Which Is Five Days Before Christmas, But Celebrated The Entire Month! etc.

As The Planet Deals With A Radical Global Pandemic… 2020 Christmas Season Hits Differently This Year! Clearly There Has Been A Shift! A Time Of Weariness! A Time To Rest! Reflect! Repent! Forgive! Heal And Make Peace! A Time To Re-Focus With Our Eyes On Jesus~Keeping The Main Thing, The Main Thing! Let’s Just Pause, Breathe, and BE!!!

Although The World Is Becoming More Connected, People Are Becoming More Disconnected! Family Is God’s Idea And His Heartbeat! He Loves Us Unconditionally And Has Commanded Us To Love One Another As He Loves Us! Each Life Is A Gift To The World And Our Family And Friends Are A Gift From God! So, Let’s Not Miss The Opportunity To Be Thankful & Grateful For The Biggest Blessings Of God In Our Life… People ~ “You Gotta Love Them!”

James 1:16-17 Tells Us ~We Are Called To Pull Out The Good In People. It’s Too Easy To Point Out Someone’s Flaws. But Calling Out The Gold When It Is Hard To Find Is A True Gift.

Queens, Our Family Platform, Influence and Experiences do not have to look the same As Other Families! It’s A Beautiful Time To Look Beyond Our Dysfunction and Disqualifications Of Each Other And See Each Other’s Heart! Thank God We Are Not Too Guilty Because God Is Bigger Than Our Mess Ups! Thank God We Are Not Too Weird Because The Things That Make Us Different Are Our Greatest Strength! Thank God If We Are Too Loud, Just Know The Boldness Is A Wonder And God Wants To Use It! Thank God We Are Not Too Incapable! Thank God We Are Not Without Purpose! Know That We Are Right Where We’re Supposed To Be For A Special Reason!

Romans 12:9-10 Tells Us ~ Love Sincerely. Hate Evil. Hold On To What Is Good. Be Devoted To Each Other Like A Loving Family. Excel In Showing Respect For Each Other.

Resist The Temptation Of Previous Christmas Seasons Of Being Self-Focused And Self-Indulgent! Instead Of This Being A Busy Time Full Of “Making Your List And Checking It Twice Thing,” Resist The Opportunity To Be About Shopping To The Brink Of Bankruptcy; Eating To The Brink Of Explosion; And Watching Television To The Brink Of Insanity.

Queens, No Longer Will We Have Delusions of Grandeur Or A Blasé Attitude Taking Each Other For Granted! In Spite of However Young Or Old, However Loud, However Disengaged, However Challenging, Or Whatever Baggage Family Bring With Them; Forgive and Extend The Gift Of ‘I Believe In You!’ Know We All Are Deserving Of Dignity, Grace, And Value!

Moving Forward, Our New Normal Modus Operandi Should Be To Cultivate Meaningful And Frequent “Family Check-Ins!” Really See Our Love Ones As The Diamonds That They Are and Speak Kindness. Practice Hospitality With An Intentionality To Be With Them Not Just Doing For Them!

Our Full Presence ~ Not Presents Is The Greatest Gift of Love We Can Offer One Another! We Will

Get What It Means To Serve Others, To Love Well, To Be Patient, To Listen! Ask The Holy Spirit To Help Us Share With Our Family And In Our Neighborhoods The Gift of Fruit… Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness and Self-Control!

Queens Remember… It’s All About The LOVE dah’Lins! ForReal! ForReal!

I Love Us!

Betty S


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