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Giving Thanks From A Heart Full Of Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

God’s steadfast love is the number one reason we should give thanks. God’s love has eternal purpose when everything else that’s celebrated is temporary. Although we look forward to the elaborate meal of turkey and it fixings, we should be careful not to tray away from the main focus of this day that is set aside for giving thanks, unto the Lord.

I am personally grateful that we are not limited to giving thanks just once a year, but we are encouraged to make it a lifestyle. Giving thanks everyday provides a deeper spiritual meaning and adds significant benefits to our everyday lives. Thanksgiving is the gratitude of faithfulness, and the tenderness of the heart. It helps our eyes stay focused on God, Who is the source of all good gifts. Thanksgiving keeps our hearts open and with open hearts the fruits of the spirit are manifested through us, making room for growth and maturity. (Gal. 5:22-23)

Thanksgiving day’s primary intention has everything to do with Giving Thanks for our Blessings from our hearts, so as we enjoy family, friends food and football we must remember the true reason for this season. Songs of Thanksgiving are embedded in our DNA. Gratitude draws us away from pain and fear and draws us to Jesus and helps us focus on the gifts of healing and love.

This Thanksgiving, let’s focus more on praising and declaring gratitude to our Heavenly Father for peace, joy, deliverance, blessings, favor, love and faithfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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